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Miss Miss fall winter 2017/2018 collection is a jump into the roaring 60s’ London. It draws a modern Chelsie girl, lively and funny , with a wink to the early 70s hippy pop culture. A collection thought for a contemporary woman, able to mix elegance and wearability, simple but never ordinary. A woman sure of her own identity, confident in trying boyish looks maintaining her distinctive romantic allure. An evolved day-wear, individual expression of a sharp and strong personality.

Feminine dresses of different lengths, characterized by an almost discreet elegance and decorated with rouches are combined with adorned jackets and men’s tailored pants. The knitwear, enhanced by high-end fabrics, is enriched by lurex, rouches, pearls and lacerations. Furs, mandatorily eco-friendly, become funny, colorful and animalier. Coats, on the other hand, are the seasonal must have: long, midi, masculine and bon ton, double-breasted and colorful. 2017/2018 fall-winter collection is a perfect mix of soft lines, bold shapes and full colors, conceived to describe a modern days’ woman, sophisticated, self-ironic, aware of her own womanhood.

  • #Britishattitude
    The real and well-defined womanhood meets the college style made in UK. Sobriety and simplicity influenced by a glamour touch. Distinguish yourself is a matter of playing with combinations and a question of details.

  • #Touchofred
    An extremely girlish, ready-to-wear look, made by pied de pule, pois and rouches, on the tones of red, white and black. Versatile items composing outfits always different, declining every day and in different ways the mood that Miss Miss woman aims to express.

  • #Sixtiesautumn
    Warm tones, patterns and transparencies barely outlined behind the bon ton coats are meant to be discovered slowly. Imagination needs to take its time to suggest emotions. The amazing 60s are reinvented in a romantic and contemporary way.